The Tower of David: The World’s Tallest Slum

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[tippy title ="At 45 stories" header=“off”] 45階で[/tippy], the Tower of David is [tippy title ="one of Venezuela's tallest skyscrapers" header=“off”] ベネズエラで一番高い高層ビルの一つ[/tippy]. But [tippy title ="you won't find the typical tenants inside" header=“off”] よくあるようなテナントを見つける事は出来ない[/tippy]. There are no…

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The Tower of David: The World’s Tallest Slum デイビッド タワー:世界一高いスラム街
At 45 stories 45階で
one of Venezuela’s tallest skyscrapers ベネズエラで一番高い高層ビルの一つ
you won’t find the typical tenants inside よくあるようなテナントを見つける事は出来ない

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At 45 stories, the Tower of David is one of Venezuela’s tallest skyscrapers. But you won’t find the typical tenants inside. There are no corporate offices or banks here. There are no rich people living in penthouse apartments. On the contrary, the 3,000 inhabitants of the tower are some of the poorest people in a poor country. The Tower of David is a slum.

The tower got its nickname from its main investor, David Brillembourg. Construction on the building started in 1990. However, in 1994 the construction came to a stop due to a financial crisis and the death of its main developer. The unfinished tower remained unoccupied until 2007 when squatters started to occupy the building.

Tower of David Staircase

As of now, families inhabit the lower 28 floors. You can take a motorbike up through the parking garage to the 10th floor, but you have to take the stairs to go higher. There is a jury-rigged plumbing and electrical system, but running water is only available up to the fifth floor; it has to be carried to higher floors. You will find some businesses in the building as well. They have a beauty shop and even a dentist office.

Safety is always an issue. Many balconies lack guardrails and there are reports of gang violence and drug related crime, but residents say such reports are exaggerated. Most residents are just happy to have a cheap place in the middle of the city. And the view is hard to beat.


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