Five of Seven Divers Rescued Off Coast of Bali

Bali and Nusa Lembongan

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Five Japanese scuba divers [tippy title ="have miraculously been found alive" header=“off”] 奇跡的に生きて発見された[/tippy] [tippy title ="three days after they went missing" header=“off”] 行方不明になってから3日後[/tippy] [tippy title ="off the coast of Bali" header=“off”] バリ州海岸沖で[/tippy].

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English 日本語
Five of Seven Divers Rescued Off Coast of Bali 7人中5人のダイバーがバリ州海岸沖で救助された
have miraculously been found alive 奇跡的に生きて発見された
three days after they went missing 行方不明になってから3日後
off the coast of Bali バリ州海岸沖で

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Five Japanese scuba divers have miraculously been found alive three days after they went missing off the coast of Bali.

Local fishermen discovered the divers clinging to a coral reef. The five women divers were almost 20 kilometers from where they and two other women went missing.

The women could not be rescued by the fishermen due to rough waves. Shortly after their discovery, one was rescued by helicopter and the others were picked up by a rescue boat. Unfortunately, officials have no news of the other two divers.[tippy title ="(UPDATE)" header=“off”] Body of one of the divers recovered by Indonesian search team. Read more here.[/tippy]

The seven women began their diving trip under good weather conditions on Friday from Nusa Lembongan, a nearby island. They were experienced divers—all with more than 50 hours diving time. The skipper of their boat said there was a heavy downpour while he was waiting for the divers. The water became cloudy during the heavy rain and he moved the boat about 100 meters away from where they were expected to resurface.

When they did not resurface at the appointed time he searched the area for about an hour before reporting the incident to authorities.

There were reports of heavy rains in the area on that day. Such sudden downpours are very common during the monsoon season, which runs from October to April.

The women appear to have no serious injuries and are currently being treated at two hospitals in Bali.


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