Protect Yourself From Pickpockets

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It can happen in the blink of an eye. You turn your back for just a moment and when you turn back around your bag or wallet is gone.

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The summer travel season is coming soon–the time when pickpockets are most active. The best pickpockets analyze their targets very carefully. They are like a lion watching its prey and travelers are often their favorite targets. When you are in an unfamiliar place it is easy to get distracted. That moment of distraction is what the pickpocket is waiting for.

10 Worst Cities for Pickpockets

Pickpockets have some very sophisticated techniques. Many work in pairs. While one pickpocket distracts the victim the other does the stealing. Some play on your good will. For example, one drops change on the ground so that you will help them pick it up. While you’re kneeling on the ground the second pickpocket steals your bag. The pros often use a prop like a coat or a shopping bag to hide their activity from you. They are coming up with new techniques all the time.

Here are some simple tips to protect yourself. No matter how trustworthy a stranger may seem, don’t be distracted by friendly talk, etc. Keep everything in your view. Never hang your bag behind you; hold it under your arm. You should never keep your wallet in your back pocket. Better yet, use a money belt. If something is easy for you to reach, it’s easy for the crook to reach, too. That’s why you need to place your valuable items in hard to reach spots like the bottom of your bag. In particularly dangerous areas try carrying a decoy wallet.

None of these techniques are perfect, but if you are prepared, the pickpocket most likely will move on to an easier target.

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It can happen [tippy title ="in the blink of an eye" header=“off”] あっという間に[/tippy]. You [tippy title ="turn your back" header=“off”] 背を向ける[/tippy] [tippy title ="for just a moment" header=“off”] 一瞬[/tippy] and [tippy title ="when you turn back around" header=“off”] 向き直ると[/tippy] …

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Protect Yourself From Pickpockets すりから身を守る
in the blink of an eye あっという間に
turn your back 背を向ける
for just a moment 一瞬
when you turn back around 向き直ると



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