High-Fat Milk Could Make You Slim

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Do you drink [tippy title ="low-fat milk" header=“off”] 低脂肪乳[/tippy] [tippy title ="to stay slim" header=“off”] スリムな[ほっそりした]体型を維持するのに[/tippy]? You are not alone. [tippy title ="Low-fat milk has outsold whole milk" header=“off”] 低脂肪乳の売り上げが、全乳を上回っている 全乳、[subtippy title =”◆全乳、ホール・ミルク” header=“off”] 何も処理していない牛乳(乳脂肪4%程度)。乳脂肪を抑えたものが、ローファット(乳脂肪2%程度)、ノンファットの牛乳。[/subtippy][/tippy] [tippy title ="for years" header=“off”] 何年も(の間)、何年間も[/tippy] in the…

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English 日本語
Drinking High Fat Milk Could Make You Slim 高脂肪乳で痩せる
low- fat milk 低脂肪乳
to stay slim スリムな[ほっそりした]体型を維持するのに
Low-fat milk has outsold whole milk 低脂肪乳の売り上げが、全乳を上回っている
for years 何年も(の間)、何年間も

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Do you drink low-fat milk to stay slim? You are not alone. Low-fat milk has outsold whole milk for years in the US. We have been told for years to avoid the calories in dairy fat for our waistlines and cholesterol. But recent research from Sweden suggests that dairy fat is not as bad as was thought.

In the study, researchers observed the diets of a group of middle-aged men over 12 years. What they discovered was quite unexpected. It turned out that the men who consumed higher amounts of diary fat were less likely to become obese in comparison to those who ate low fat dairy products.

The results are seemingly counter-intuitive and it is unclear what the reason is. However, there are some theories. Some scientists think it could be the feeling of fullness you get from when you eat high fat foods. Whole milk makes you feel fuller, faster. As a result, you eat less. Another theory is that the fat in dairy products may contain substances that alter your metabolism to help your body burn the fat more efficiently.

Does it sound too good to be true? I hope it’s true. I love the taste of whole milk and real butter. It would be nice to eat them without the guilt. It is encouraging that another study in the UK found similar results for children. There are more studies underway, so maybe sometime in the near future we will get a better answer.


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