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There is [tippy title ="a new drug" header=“off”] 新薬[/tippy] [tippy title ="about to hit the market" header=“off”] まさに市場に出ようとしている[/tippy]. It is cheap. It [tippy title ="comes in a powdered form" header=“off”] 粉末状で売られる[/tippy] so it [tippy title ="can be snorted" header=“off”] 鼻から一気に吸える[/tippy] or …

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Palcohol パルコール(パウダー + アルコール = パルコール)
a new drug 新薬
about to hit the market まさに市場に出ようとしている
comes in a powdered form 粉末状で売られる
can be snorted 鼻から一気に吸える

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There is a new drug about to hit the market. It is cheap. It comes in a powdered form so it can be snorted or it can be mixed with liquid and drunk. It is guaranteed to get you drunk and best of all it will be perfectly legal if it gets approval from the US government. It is alcohol in a powdered form.

The idea was the brainchild of Mark Phillips. Mark came up with the idea for powdered alcohol after lugging around heavy bottles of alcohol on an outdoor trip. He thought it would be great if you could have instant alcohol just like there is instant coffee.

Mark did some research to see if there was anything like it on the market. When he discovered there wasn’t, he began a project to develop powdered alcohol. Over several years, he worked with scientists around the world and finally succeeded in producing alcohol in a powdered form, which he named Palcohol.

Here’s how you make it. You start with a one-ounce packet of Palcohol and mix it with five ounces of water. This makes a standard drink. Then you can mix it with your favorite mixer like soda, coke, orange juice, etc. Palcohol comes in different types such as vodka and rum among others.

The product has a few hurdles before we see it on store shelves. Some say it may never get approval due to fears of it being abused.


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