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[tippy title ="It has been more than 60 years since" header=“off”] (~してから)もう60年以上になる[/tippy] [tippy title ="Edmund Hillary" header=“off”] 1953年の彼のシェルパ族ガイド・テンジン・ノルゲイと最初にエベレスト山の頂上に到達したニュージーランド登山家(1919年生まれ)[/tippy] and [tippy title ="Tenzing Norgay" header=“off”] テンジン・ノルゲイ◆ネパール生まれのシェルパ(1914~1986)。1953年にエドモンド・ヒラリーと史上初のエベレスト登頂を果した。[/tippy] [tippy title ="climbed to the summit of Everest" header=“off”] エベレストの山頂に登って(から)[/tippy]. The summit [tippy title ="was a lonely and pristine place in those days" header=“off”] その頃は孤立した無垢(汚れのない自然のまま)の場所だった[/tippy]. [tippy title ="These days" header=“off”] この頃、近頃(は)[/tippy], however, the summit…

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English 日本語
Mount Everest to be Cleaned Up きれいになるエベレスト山
It has been more than 60 years since (〜してから)もう60年以上になる
climbed to the summit of Everest エベレストの山頂に登って(から)
was a lonely and pristine place in those days その頃は孤立した無垢(汚れのない自然のまま)の場所だった
these days この頃、近頃(は)

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It has been more than 60 years since Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay climbed to the summit of Everest. The summit was a lonely and pristine place in those days. These days, however, the summit is a busy place. Almost 4, 000 people have climbed to the summit in the past 60 years, and most of them in the past decade. Along with all the people has come the problems that people bring, like garbage. It has been estimated that there are over 50 tons of garbage on Everest. Plastic bottles, clothes, ropes, damaged tents and oxygen canisters are only a few examples. Sadly, the highest mountain in the world has become the highest garbage dump in the world.

The Tourism Ministry of Nepal has decided to do something about the problem. From the next climbing season climbers will be required to collect and bring trash back down with them to base camp— to be precise eight kilograms per climber. Those who do not comply with the new regulations will be fined or face some other legal action.

If the campaign works, they plan to expand it to other peaks in Nepal.

I am all for it. I know it really upsets me when I see litter on my hiking trips. How about you? What do you think?


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