The Lapa: Never Lose Anything Again!

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[tippy title ="Do you have trouble" header=“off”] ~に苦労しているか[/tippy] [tippy title ="keeping up with your things" header=“off”] 自分のものをきちんと管理する[/tippy]? [tippy title ="Are you constantly misplacing items" header=“off”] あなたは絶えずものを置き忘れている[/tippy] and [tippy title ="wasting your precious time" header=“off”] 貴重な時間を無駄にしている[/tippy] …

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The Lapa: Never Lose Anything Again ラパ:二度と何もなくさない
Do you have trouble 〜に苦労しているか
keeping up with your things 自分のものをきちんと管理する
Are you constantly misplacing items あなたは絶えずものを置き忘れている
wasting your precious time 貴重な時間を無駄にしている

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Do you have trouble keeping up with your things? Are you constantly misplacing items and wasting your precious time hunting for them? Then the Lapa may be what you need.

Lapas communicating

The Lapa is a device that you attach to something you don’t want to lose. When you do misplace an object with a Lapa, you use the Lapa App on your smart phone to search for it. You can scan a Lapa up to 70 meters away in optimum conditions. But the Lapa’s real power lies in its network. As a Lapa communicates with other Lapas in a Lapa network, you can find your Lapa virtually anywhere. For example, when another Lapa comes near your lost Lapa it will update your Lapa’s position automatically but without accessing its data. Your data is always securely protected.

Lapa vs quarter

A Lapa is hardly bigger than a quarter and weighs only five grams. They are powered by a CR2016 battery, which can last up to eight months and are easily replaceable. You can manage an unlimited number of Lapas with the Lapa App. You can even manage your friends’ Lapas if they need help finding them.

Lapas can be attached to almost anything you don’t want to lose. You can stick it on or hang it from a string or just drop it inside.

Lapa and wallet

Lapas even work with social media. You can share access to your Lapa with friends on Facebook and they can help you find it. Or if you choose, you can use the ‘Go Public’ feature and ask for help from the whole Lapa community. Anyone can help you search with the free Lapa App.

Lapas are expected to start shipping this April. Find out more about the Lapa at the following link:

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