The Absolute Worst Place for a Breakdown

Breakdown in the lion enclosure

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A mother and her small children [tippy title ="faced a very tough choice" header=“off”] 厳しい選択に直面した[/tippy] [tippy title ="when their car overheated" header=“off”] 車が過熱状態になった[/tippy] and [tippy title ="burst into flames" header=“off”] 急に炎上した[/tippy] …

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The Absolute Worst Place for a Breakdown 車の故障に最低最悪の場所
faced a very tough choice 厳しい選択に直面した
when their car overheated 車が過熱状態になった
burst into flames 急に炎上した

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A mother and her small children faced a very tough choice when their car overheated and burst into flames on a visit to a safari park in the UK.

Helen Clements and her son and daughter were visiting the Longleat Safari Park in Wiltshire, England on last Friday. While they were driving through the lion enclosure at the park the family car started to overheat and it caught on fire. At that moment the mother had to decide whether to stay in the burning car and wait for help or get out and hope the lions don’t come.

They decided to get out. But as soon as she started leaving the car with her children the park rangers started yelling at them to get back into the car, which they did promptly.

Luckily for Helen and her children, help came soon. While one ranger distracted the lions, another ranger drove up alongside the family’s vehicle and got them to safety. And it was just in time. Their car was completely engulfed in flames just moments after their rescue.

Afterwards, the mother commented on their terrible luck.

“Why couldn’t it be in the flamingos or the camels? But no, it had to be in the lion enclosure?”

Talk about bad timing. I can’t think of a worse time to have a breakdown.


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