Thousands Evacuated as Bali Volcano Gets Ready to Erupt

Mt. Agung (slow) slow
Mt. Agung (fast) fast

Mount Agung is a volcano on the popular tourist island of Bali in Indonesia. The volcano is expected to within hours. More than 134,000 people have been to safe areas. They are now far away from the volcano. However, some have to leave. These people do not want to leave their homes.They have to take care of their farms and animals.

On September 28th, steam appeared above Mount Agung. Scientists fear that an eruption could happen soon. The news has tourists from coming to the island. Tourists left on the island say that many shops are closed. They also say that it is not possible to buy fresh fruits or vegetables. Some scientists think that the volcano could erupt in five minutes or five months. They just don’t know.



Do live in a high risk area for a volcanic eruption?


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When a volcano explodes or blows out steam and smoke
When people leave a place because of danger
To say no
to make someone afraid

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