Settlement Reached on Monkey Selfie

A court case over a photo has finally come to an end. Many find the case interesting because a monkey took the photo. It was a . The dispute is over who has the rights to the photo: the monkey or the owner of the camera.

In 2011, a photographer was on an island in Indonesia. He was taking pictures of wildlife. A monkey pressed the button on the camera. The monkey’s name is Naruto. In the picture, the monkey looks as if he is smiling.

After that the photo went . The photographer was able to earn a lot of money from the photo. But an animal rights group says that the monkey should have the rights to the photo. There was a long legal battle. Finally, an agreement was reached; the photographer will donate a part of the money he has earned to wildlife protection.



Who should have rights to the photo?


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This is a picture that you take of yourself.
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