France Gets a New President

France Gets a New President (slow) slow
France Gets a New President (fast) fast

A new president has been elected in France. The new president is Emmanuel Macron. He is for the European Union. Macron beat Marine Le Pen. She is against the EU.

Emmanuel Macron received 66 percent of the vote. Marine Le Pen got 34 percent. Macron will replace François Hollande.

Macron was very pleased with the victory. He is not in any party. He is said to be an independent politician. He used to be in the Socialist Party. Macron wants all French people to have equal rights and the same responsibilities. He wants to make many reforms, especially to the French economy.

On the other hand, his competitor, Marine Le Pen, wants refugees to have fewer rights. And she wants France to leave the European Union. The French rejected that view in this last election.



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