Vote in Turkey

Vote in Turkey (slow) slow
Vote in Turkey (fast) fast

People voted for a new constitution in Turkey last week. As a result, the president of the country gains much more power. The president’s opponents are saying that the election was fake.

The President of Turkey is Recep Tayyip Erdogan. Erdogan has wanted a presidential system for his country for a long time. In the new presidential system, the president can decide many things by himself. The parliament in Turkey will become much weaker than before.

The vote was very close. Nearly half of the citizens voted no. Many people worry that Erdogan has become too powerful. They fear that Erdogan will become a dictator. A dictator is a leader of a country who has control over everything.

The opposition in Turkey also says that the election was fake. They claim many ballots were not in order. International observers also say that there were problems with the election.



Do you think your country is a true democracy?


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