World’s First Lab-Grown Chicken Strips Announced

Memphis Meats (slow) slow
Memphis Meats (fast) fast

Americans love chicken. In fact, it’s the most popular meat in the United States. Americans eat more than eight billion chickens per year. But bringing all of that chicken to the dinner table creates a lot of big problems. Meat production is bad for the environment and the welfare of the animals. Plus, it’s really quite inefficient and unsustainable.

Well, a high-tech food company in California may have the solution. In March of this year, Memphis Meats, a pioneer in the “,” announced the first chicken meat grown in a lab from chicken cells. They invited taste-testers to sample the chicken in front of the media. Those who tried it said that it tasted like real chicken, but a little spongier.

You may have to wait a while before you see the high-tech chicken in your local supermarket. It’s still extremely expensive to produce. They estimate that one kilogram costs almost 20,000 dollars. According to the company that price should come down, and they plan to release a reasonably priced product by 2021.


How often do you eat meat (beef, chicken, fish, etc)?

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The push by high-tech companies to develop methods for producing meat directly from animal cells without having to breed, feed and kill animals.)

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