Norway to Build World’s First Tunnel for Ships

Credit: Norwegian Coastal Administration

Norway to Build World’s First Tunnel for Ships (slow) slow
Norway to Build World’s First Tunnel for Ships (fast) fast

Credit: Norwegian Coastal Administration

There are tunnels for cars, tunnels for trains, tunnels for pedestrians, but now Norway has a plan to build the first ever tunnel for large ships. The tunnel will be built in the west of the country for large seagoing ships. It will be 1.7 kilometers long and have a height of roughly 50 meters from top to bottom. This will make it large enough for even large cargo ships to pass through. It will cut through the narrowest part of a peninsula.

Credit: Norwegian Coastal Administration

The tunnel is being built to shorten a frequently stormy route in the region. The coastal waters in the west of Norway are particularly dangerous due to a combination of currents, shallows and high waves. Bad weather there often delays freight traffic and liner service.

There has been talk of building such a tunnel since 1870. Construction of the tunnel should begin in 2018 at the earliest. It is expected to take four years to complete.


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  • March 30, 2017 at 1:57 pm

    For the construction of this long and wide tunnel planned by Norway will be required much labor, energy and financing. This project can be profitable in the long term.

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