British and American English: Can You Tell the Difference?

Story written by Andrea

Level 90

British and American English slow British and American English fast


, people speak English in the USA and the UK. However, Americans and British people !

Both nations , and the spelling . Some words .

For example, in America, they write “color, C-O-L-O-R”, , the spelling is “C-O-L-O-U-R”.

, . .

, you can take a look at this interesting video that will show you some of the differences between American and British English!
Click for vocabulary list!

British and American English: Can You Tell the Difference? イギリス英語とアメリカ英語:違いが分かりますか?
As you probably know ご存知でしょうが
as their first language 彼らの第一言語(母国語)として
do not sound alike 同じように聞こえない
have very similar grammar よく似た文法がある
is almost always the same ほとんど同じ
might be written just slightly different 書き方が少し違うかもしれない
while in the United Kingdom 一方イギリスでは
Even if there are differences in the written language たとえ書かれた言葉の違いがあるとしても
the differences in the spoken language are much easier to spot 話される言葉の違いの方がわかりやすい
You are certainly going to be able to hear that there is a difference when they speak 確実に彼らが話している時に違いがあるのを聞けるに違いない
So, can you hear the difference between an American and British accent で、アメリカ人とイギリス人のアクセントの違いを聞き取れますか?
If you are curious to test yourself もし、興味があるなら試してみて下さい

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Como probablemente ya sabes
como primer idioma
no suenan igual
tienen una gramática muy similar
casi siempre la misma
podrían escribirse un poco diferente
mientras que en el Reino Unido
Aunque existen diferencias en el idioma escrito
las diferencias en el idioma hablado son mucho más fáciles de encontrar
Sin duda vas a ser capaz de escuchar que hay diferencia cuando hablan
Así que, ¿puedes escuchar la diferencia entre un acento americano y uno británico?
Si tienes curiosidad por ponerte a prueba

3 thoughts on “British and American English: Can You Tell the Difference?

  • January 9, 2016 at 3:27 am

    In American English some of the words you’ve highlighted are pronounced differently in different parts of the country. Apricot is like APE in the southern part, and APP in the north (roughly); either and neither are usually EE, but the vowel of ICE is heard increasingly;

  • November 10, 2016 at 1:38 pm

    Good for learning English. Thank you.

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