Mental Gymnastics

Mental Gymnastics slow Mental Gymnastics fast

This post is a , but I thought you might enjoy these as much as I did. Before you begin you may want to in the list below. Also, please try these without writing anything down or looking at the transcript. .

Are you ready? Let’s begin. We will start with an easy one.

Imagine the letter D—a capital D. OK, do you see it there in space in front of you? Next, rotate that D counterclockwise 90 degrees. All right, let’s continue. Now imagine a capital J. Place the J under the D. The top of the J is touching the bottom of the D.

What do you see?

D and J

Are you ready? Please imagine a capital B this time. OK, now rotate it counterclockwise 90 degrees. It should be lying on its back now. Next, imagine a capital V. Please place the V under the B so that they are touching. There should be only one horizontal line in the image. Please erase that horizontal line.

What do you see?

B and V

Please imagine a capital letter D. Next, rotate it 90 degrees clockwise. Now, imagine a number 4. Place the number 4 on top of the horizontal line of the D. Erase the right part of the horizontal line of the number 4.

What do you see?

D and 4

Imagine a capital B. Next flip it horizontally. Now, imagine another capital B. Put the two B’s back to back. Next, imagine a small v. Put the small v on top of the two B’s in the middle. After that, put two small o’s on the top of the v.

What do you see?

B B and V

Imagine a big circle. Next, imagine a capital L. The L is a little less than half the height of the circle. Place the L in the circle. The bottom left of the L should be at the center of the circle.

What time is it? (That’s a big hint.)

L and O



pointing up down



Back to back

Imagine a capital D

Imagine a small d



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