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Will the United States Build a Wall?

border wall

Trump’s Wall slow Trump’s Wall fast

Donald Trump, the president of the USA, wants to build a wall. He wants to build this wall on the border with Mexico. His plan is causing much anger in Mexico and the U.S.

Currently, there is only a fence on some parts of the border between the two countries. The Rio Grande River makes up about half of the border.

The wall is supposed to stop immigrants. Many people come to the U.S. without permission from Mexico. Trump wants to prevent this.

Many questions about the proposed wall are still unanswered. For example, who will pay for its construction? Trump says Mexico will pay. The President of Mexico completely rejects this idea.

The wall will be 3,100 kilometers long. That is longer than the Danube, the longest river in western Europe.

There is much criticism about Trump’s plans. Many claim that the wall will put people at risk and tear families apart.

What do you think about the wall?

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The Most Obese Country in the World

The Most Obese Country in the World (slow)SLOW
The Most Obese Country in the World (fast)FAST

Congratulations America! You are no longer the world’s most country. But . Americans are , just that another country has gotten fatter.

Mexico now has of obese people . , Mexico and . Around 70 percent of Mexican adults are . , almost 33 percent of the population is obese. , 31.8 percent of American adults obese. The new statistics come from .

Some have the report. They , because was carried out in the poorer Southern part of the country, where there are more problems with malnutrition and obesity.

Poor people are eating . At the same time, Mexicans are now working in . The a very .

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English 日本語
The Most Obese Country in the World 世界で最も肥満大国
obese 肥満体
it may be a little too early to start celebrating. お祝いを始めるには少し早すぎるかもしれない
This does not mean これは〜という意味ではない
getting thinner 痩せてきている
the highest percentage 最高の伸び率を示す
compared to any other major country in the world 世界の他の主要国と比べる
At the same time 同時に
is still struggling with まだ〜に苦しんでいる
malnutrition 栄養不良
hunger 飢え
overweight 太り過ぎの
More strikingly それ以上著しく
In comparison 比較すると
are considered to be 〜と見なされている
a survey carried out by the United Nations’ Food and Agricultural Organization. 国連食糧農業機構によって行われた調査
criticized 批判される
claim that 〜と主張する
the numbers are skewed (事実、評価などが)曲げられた、歪められた
the survey その調査
cheap food, which tends to be unhealthy and higher in calories 不健康で高カロリーがちである安い食べ物
sedentary urban jobs 都市のデスクワーク中心の
combination 組み合わせ
is leading to 〜を引き起こす
serious epidemic 深刻な流行病