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The Kazuhito Kosaka Story

pen apple pineapple pen

How a Short YouTube Video and Justin Bieber
Changed A Life

The Kazuhito Kosaka Story slow The Kazuhito Kosaka Story fast

For more than 20 years, Kazuhito Kosaka was trying his best to make it as a Japanese comedian. He was successful enough to be in a 7-11 commercial, but he wasn’t a major star. But his life changed in just 45 seconds.

Kazuhito Kosaka’s stage name is Pikotaro, and one day he made a short and silly YouTube video called Pen, Pineapple, Apple, Pen (PPAP). But once people saw the 45-second song, they went crazy for it. One of the biggest fans of the performance was Justin Bieber, who tweeted that it was his “favorite video on the Internet.” With Justin’s support the video has gone on to get over 52 million hits! And its popularity is still growing.

Of course Justin Bieber and Pikotaro never met in person… until this January, when they filmed a commercial together for Japanese cell phone provider Softbank. Pikotaro doesn’t know if his success will continue or PPAP will turn out to be a one-hit wonder, but he’s trying to enjoy the fame as long as it lasts. And with Justin Bieber now his friend, his star could continue shining for a long time to come!

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Justin Bieber Drives Too Fast

Bieber SlowSLOW
Bieber FastFAST

Justin Bieber might be , but he is also a quick driver too.

Bieber driving his white Ferrari , in Calabasas, California. And it. was playing with his three-year old daughter when Bieber . Johnson , and then with his Prius, to Bieber’s garage, where he .

, Eric Dickerson, also lives in the neighborhood, and , the first one , and the second one saying, “I a white Ferrari too, but .”

While Bieber , several other say that he was the driver, , but a liar as well. .


one of the fastest-selling singers in the world 世界中の最も速いペースで売れている歌手の一人
apparently 〔聞いた情報によると〕どうも~らしい
pretty なかなか
was recently seen 最近見られた
at Indy 500 speeds インディ500という自動車レースほどのスピードを出して
through his quiet, gated residential neighborhood 静かなゲーティッド・コミュニティー(安全を確保し、資産価値を保つために周囲をゲートとフェンスで囲った住宅地)をを通った
one fellow resident of the area 同じ近所の人
took exception to 〜対して大いに異議を申し立てた
Former National Football League star Kershawn Johnson 全米プロフットボールリーグの元スター ジョンソン選手
raced by 猛スピードで目の前を走り抜けた
made sure his child was safe 自分の子供の安全を確保した
chased Bieber down ビーバーの車を追いかけた
saw Bieber run out of the car ビーバーが車から飛び出すところを見た
Another NFL Hall-Of-Famer もう一人の全米プロフットボールリーグの殿堂入りを果たした選手
sent Bieber two tweets ビーバーにツイッターを発信した
telling him to slow down スピードを落とせという内容の
used to have 昔〜を持っていて
I knew the speed limit in neighborhoods where kids played 子供が遊んでいる住宅街の速度規制を知っていた
denies being behind the wheel 車の運転をしていたことを否定している
when the incident took place 事件が起きた時
witnesses 目撃者
in fact 実際に
which would make him not only reckless 無謀なドライバーであるだけでなく
If Bieber is not more careful, some child will not “Be Alright,” ビーバーが気を付けないと、どこかの子は「Be Alright」 (曲名alright=安全)じゃなくなる
and he will have far fewer fans そしてビーバー・ファンの数が落下するだろう
全米プロフットボールリーグの元スター ジョンソン選手
ビーバーが気を付けないと、どこかの子は「Be Alright」 (曲名alright=大丈夫)じゃなくなる