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A Wave of Ransomware Attacks

A Wave of Ransomware Attacks (slow) slow
A Wave of Ransomware Attacks (fast) fast

Hundreds of thousands of Computers around the world were hijacked last week. In Great Britain the blackmailers attacked 48 hospitals. Doctors had to move or cancel operations. In Spain, a large telephone company was affected. In Germany, computers of the country’s train system were attacked. Security agencies around the world are now investigating the attacks.

The blackmailers used a virus during the attack. After becoming infected with the virus, the computers can no longer recognize data. Next a demand appears on the screen. It tells the owners of the computers to pay blackmail money to remove the virus. Only then do the computers work again.

This kind of attack is called a ransomware attack. They have been increasing rapidly over the past several years.



Have you ever been hacked?


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