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Volta – The Stylish Electric Bicycle from Pure Cycles

Volta (slow) slow
Volta (fast) fast

A lot of us would love to go to work by bicycle. There are lots of reasons to switch. It’s good for the planet. It’s certainly healthier. And who really enjoys sitting in traffic?

On the other hand, it’s no fun starting out your workday all sweaty and tired. An e-bike seems like a perfect solution, but up to now they have been too heavy and ugly.

Enter the Volta, one of the most innovative e-bikes on the market now. The Volta weighs only 15.8 kilograms. That’s light enough to easily carry upstairs. The Volta comes with lots of options and features. You can choose a low maintenance, mess-free belt drive or a traditional chain. The rear-mounted motor makes steering it very natural. And it looks great; the battery is hardly visible, but it is able to give you a 64-kilometer range. And the motor has the power to take you up the steepest hills in your route.

It has other great features like headlights and taillights which automatically activate in low-light and an automatic brake light. It comes with a built-in GPS tracker in case your bike is ever lost or stolen.

Find out more about the Volta at their Kickstarter site in the link:

Volta on Kickstarter


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