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Thousands Evacuated as Bali Volcano Gets Ready to Erupt

Mt. Agung (slow) slow
Mt. Agung (fast) fast

Mount Agung is a volcano on the popular tourist island of Bali in Indonesia. The volcano is expected to within hours. More than 134,000 people have been to safe areas. They are now far away from the volcano. However, some have to leave. These people do not want to leave their homes.They have to take care of their farms and animals.

On September 28th, steam appeared above Mount Agung. Scientists fear that an eruption could happen soon. The news has tourists from coming to the island. Tourists left on the island say that many shops are closed. They also say that it is not possible to buy fresh fruits or vegetables. Some scientists think that the volcano could erupt in five minutes or five months. They just don’t know.



Do live in a high risk area for a volcanic eruption?


When a volcano explodes or blows out steam and smoke
When people leave a place because of danger
To say no
to make someone afraid

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World’s First Lab-Grown Chicken Strips Announced

Memphis Meats (slow) slow
Memphis Meats (fast) fast

Americans love chicken. In fact, it’s the most popular meat in the United States. Americans eat more than eight billion chickens per year. But bringing all of that chicken to the dinner table creates a lot of big problems. Meat production is bad for the environment and the welfare of the animals. Plus, it’s really quite inefficient and unsustainable.

Well, a high-tech food company in California may have the solution. In March of this year, Memphis Meats, a pioneer in the “,” announced the first chicken meat grown in a lab from chicken cells. They invited taste-testers to sample the chicken in front of the media. Those who tried it said that it tasted like real chicken, but a little spongier.

You may have to wait a while before you see the high-tech chicken in your local supermarket. It’s still extremely expensive to produce. They estimate that one kilogram costs almost 20,000 dollars. According to the company that price should come down, and they plan to release a reasonably priced product by 2021.


How often do you eat meat (beef, chicken, fish, etc)?

The push by high-tech companies to develop methods for producing meat directly from animal cells without having to breed, feed and kill animals.)

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Volta – The Stylish Electric Bicycle from Pure Cycles

Volta (slow) slow
Volta (fast) fast

A lot of us would love to go to work by bicycle. There are lots of reasons to switch. It’s good for the planet. It’s certainly healthier. And who really enjoys sitting in traffic?

On the other hand, it’s no fun starting out your workday all sweaty and tired. An e-bike seems like a perfect solution, but up to now they have been too heavy and ugly.

Enter the Volta, one of the most innovative e-bikes on the market now. The Volta weighs only 15.8 kilograms. That’s light enough to easily carry upstairs. The Volta comes with lots of options and features. You can choose a low maintenance, mess-free belt drive or a traditional chain. The rear-mounted motor makes steering it very natural. And it looks great; the battery is hardly visible, but it is able to give you a 64-kilometer range. And the motor has the power to take you up the steepest hills in your route.

It has other great features like headlights and taillights which automatically activate in low-light and an automatic brake light. It comes with a built-in GPS tracker in case your bike is ever lost or stolen.

Find out more about the Volta at their Kickstarter site in the link:

Volta on Kickstarter


How do you commute to work?

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Mount Etna Erupts

Mount Etna Erupts (slow) slow
Mount Etna Erupts (fast) fast

Mount Etna is a volcano located in southern Italy. It is on the island of Sicily. Now, Mount Etna is spewing out red hot rocks and ash. However, experts say that there is no danger for people.

Mount Etna has often erupted in the past. The last eruption was in 2014. Even now a stream of molten rock is flowing down the mountain. This is called a lava flow. The volcano is also spewing out clouds of dust. Scientists say that these clouds are not so bad this time.

Experts say, people do not need to be afraid. Even for those who live close by there is no immediate danger.

No one is sure how long the volcanic eruption will last. Sometimes it is over after a few days.

Mt. Etna is the second most active volcano on earth. Only Hawaii’s Kilauea is more active.


This scale is based on the grade level of text. For example, a “5.0” means the reading level of a fifth grade elementary textbook. A ’12’ is equal to the 12th grade or last year in high school, a ’13’ equals the first year in university. These grade levels correspond to the U.S. school system.

Bringing the Mammoth Back

Bringing the Mammoth Back
Bringing the Mammoth Back

The woolly mammoth was a very large elephant-like mammal that lived on Earth several thousand years ago.  Some mammoths grew to be four meters high and the largest weighed almost nine tons.  Both male and female mammoths had very large tusks and walked on every continent except Australia and South America.  Sadly, these giant creatures became extinct.

The last mammoths lived as recently as 4,000 years ago and their well-preserved bodies can be found frozen in the tundra of Siberia.  Because their bodies were so well protected from decay in the permafrost, their genetic material remained intact.  

Scientists at Harvard University are researching ways to bring the mammoth back to life. According to these researchers, it is possible to program the Asian elephants’ genes with a mammoth’s genetic material. This is can be done because of a recent scientific developments in gene editing using a new tool called Crispr. Crispr allows scientists to cut out specific genes and replace them with different ones. They estimate that we will see a living mammoth in less than 10 years. 

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Do you think it is a good idea to bring back the mammoth?

A Dramatic Increase in Garbage in the Arctic

polar bear garbage

Arctic Garbage slow Arctic Garbage fast

There are very few people living in . You would not expect to find much garbage there. Recently, however, some German researchers have discovered a lot of plastic, glass and other waste in the sea there. They say that there is twenty times more garbage than compared to ten years ago.

polar bear small

The researchers are not exactly sure what is causing the increase in the amount of garbage there. It could be coming from very far away. Ocean currents can spread things over many kilometers. Another factor may be climate change. Ice cover in the Arctic has been shrinking. This has lead to more fishing and tour boats coming into the region. Some of the litter could be coming from these sources.

Ocean garbage is dangerous. Fish and other animals can die. Animals often suffocate when they try to eat plastic bags. Also, it is not healthy for people who eat the fish.

Which do you believe? Please choose one.


The Arctic is the part of the earth above 66° 34′ N. Above this latitude the sun does not set on the day of the summer solstice (the longest day of the year in the northern hemisphere), and does not rise on the winter solstice (the shortest day of the year in the northern hemisphere.

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2016: The Warmest Year Ever

hottest year ever

Hottest Year Ever slow Hottest Year Ever fast

Last year the world was hot like never before. That is according to international weather researchers. They say it was due to climate change.

Weather researchers from the United States and Switzerland measured the temperatures around the world. They compared the temperatures ​​with previous years. The conclusion: 2016 set a new heat record for the world. The scientists say that this climate change was caused by human activity.

In 2015, many countries gathered in Paris and adopted a treaty to protect the climate. The countries there agreed that we should not let the earth’s temperature go up more than 1.5 degrees Celsius. These new measurements show that this will be very difficult.

Level 70

Scientists Embarrassed When Space Mystery Solved

Mystery Solved slow Mystery Solved fast

, were excited about . But were from .

The scientists at Parkes in Australia that and come from . In January of 2015, the scientists . “,” said John Sarkissian, .

. So , they . And —the signal was coming from .

It appears that when someone opens the door of the microwave , it that at the observatory.

The microwave .

Scientists Embarrassed When Space Mystery is Solved 謎の宇宙が解かれ、とまどう科学者たち
Recently 最近
some researchers in Australia あるオーストラリアの研究者
messages from a distant galaxy 遠い銀河からのメッセージ
it turns out that (that 以下)〜だと わかる
the signals その信号
a completely different source 完全に異なる発信元
Observatory 観測所
specialize in radio bursts ラジオの電波バーストを専門とする
short pulses 短いパルス
last only fractions of a second ほんの一瞬しか続かない;1秒の何分の1かで
distant galaxies 遠い銀河
started getting repeated strange signals from an unknown source 未知の発信元から度重なる奇妙な (不思議な)信号を受け始める
It was a puzzle それは謎でした
a researcher at the observatory 観測所の研究者の一人
The mysterious signals 不思議な信号
had the space scientists scratching their heads 宇宙科学者たちの頭を悩ませた
with some new highly sensitive instruments いくつかの新しい高度な感知装置で
began to investigate 調査し始めた
what they found 彼らが見つけたものは
was very close to home すぐ近くだった
a microwave in the kitchen of the observatory 観測所の台所にある電子レンジ
while it is still running まだ作動している間に
emits a short pulse 短いパルスを放出する
is detectable by the radio telescope 電波望遠鏡で検出できる
has since been banned from the kitchen それ以来電子レンジが台所から禁じられた
(that 以下)〜だと わかる
未知の発信元から度重なる奇妙な (不思議な)信号を受け始める

Weakened Sense of Smell Could be a Bad Sign

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Weakened Sense of Smell 2

Weakened Sense of SmellslowWeakened Sense of Smellfast


. , . : rose, peppermint, leather, orange, or fish in .

; . . And only 19 percent of had died in the same five-year period.

is probably just . , they said that such smell tests could be and even young people too.

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Weakened Sense of Smell Could be a Bad Sign 低下した臭覚は、悪い兆しかもれしない
According to a study carried out at the University of Chicago, a weakened sense of smell シカゴ大学で行われた研究によると、弱くなった臭覚は
may be a predictor of death 死の予測因子かもしれない
In the study 研究で
researchers tested the sense of smell of 3,000 people between the ages of 57 and 85 研究者は、57歳から85歳の3000人の嗅覚を検査した
Participants had to identify five different smells 参加者は、5種類のにおいを識別しなければならなかった
a multiple-choice test 選択問題
When the researchers checked back on the participants five years later 研究者が5年後に参加者を調べた時
they discovered something very surprising 彼らは、非常に驚くべき事を発見した
nearly 40 percent of those who had received a low rating on the smell test 嗅覚テストで低い評価を受けた人々のほぼ40パーセント
had died 死んでいた、 死亡していた
That figure was four times higher than the death rate for those with a healthy sense of smell その数字は、正常な嗅覚の人達の死亡率より4倍高かったのである
those with a moderate sense of smell   中程度の臭覚がある人たち
The researches stressed that (that以下)とその研究は強調した
the loss of the sense of smell 臭覚の喪失
an indicator of declining health 健康の衰えのの指標
not a cause 原因ではない
On the other hand 一方、他方では
a cheap and easy way to check the overall health of elderly people お年寄りの全般的な健康をチェックする安くて簡単な方法

死んでいた、 死亡していた
Según un estudio llevado a cabo por la Universidad de Chicago, un sentido del olfato debilitado
puede ser un predictor de la muerte
En el estudio
los investigadores examinaron el sentido del olfato de 3.000 personas de entre 57 y 85 años de edad
Los participantes tuvieron que identificar cinco olores diferentes
una prueba de opciones múltiples
Cuando los investigadores volvieron a examinar a los participantes cinco años más tarde
descubrieron algo muy sorprendente
casi el 40 por ciento de aquellos que habían recibido una calificación baja en la prueba de olfato
habían muerto
Esa cifra fue cuatro veces más alta que la tasa de mortalidad de aquellos con un sentido del olfato saludable
aquellos con un sentido del olfato moderado
Los investigadores recalcaron que
la pérdida del sentido del olfato
un indicador de disminución de la mortalidad
no una causa
Por otro lado
una manera barata y fácil de comprobar la salud general de las personas mayores

The Man With the Golden Arm

Level 80

Step 1

Golden Arm

donar sangre
Una vez cada pocos años
estar dispuestos
cada pocas semanas
Eso es lo que James Harrison de Australia ha estado haciendo
En ese momento
tan especial que ha sido llamado el hombre del brazo de oro
se descubrió que su sangre contenía un raro anticuerpo
Después de que se detectó
se ofreció como voluntario para ayudar a los científicos a crear la vacuna Anti-D
requería el anticuerpo en su sangre
En el momento
miles de bebés
sufriendo graves daños cerebrales
de la enfermedad de Rhesus
como también se le conoce
se produce cuando la sangre de la madre es incompatible con la del hijo por nacer
uno tiene sangre Rh positivo
el otro
Con la vacuna Anti-D
desarrollada a partir de la sangre de James
se convirtió tratable
dejaron de morir de la enfermedad Rh
Se estima que
ha salvado a más de 2 millones de bebés
con sus donaciones
Él es verdaderamente
un corazón de oro