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Trump’s and Merkel’s Awkward Meeting

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Trump’s and Merkel’s Awkward Meeting (fast) fast

On March 17 the German chancellor, Angela Merkel, met U.S. president, Donald Trump for the first time. Trump has been president of the USA since January 20th. The two talked about many things, for example about NATO. Trump wants Germany to pay more money for NATO. They also talked about fighting Islamic terrorism and the trade deficit.

During the election campaign last year Trump criticized Merkel several times. Specifically, he criticized her refugee policy. At the meeting in the White House, Merkel said it was better to talk with each other than about each other.

In one of the more awkward moments of the meeting, Trump appeared to refuse to shake hands with the German Chancellor. He did, however, shake hands with her when she arrived at the White House earlier.


What do you think about Trump's presidency so far?

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National Security Advisor Resigns

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An important politician has resigned in the United States. His name is Michael Flynn. Flynn was President Donald Trump’s National Security Advisor. The National Security Advisor is one of the most important foreign policy positions in the US.

Why was Flynn asked to resign? Before he became an advisor, he telephoned the Ambassador of Russia and later lied about that conversation. Flynn negotiated with the Russian ambassador on the phone, but at that time, Trump was not yet president, and Michael Flynn was not yet a member of the government. There is a law in the USA that says only the government is allowed to negotiate with other countries. That is why Michael Flynn had to resign.

President Trump is now looking for a replacement. Already, Trump’s first choice for a replacement has turned down the offer. His name was Robert Harward, a retired US Navy vice admiral.


UPDATE: President Trump has chosen Lt. Gen. H.R. McMaster, a military strategist, as his new national security advisor. (Monday, February 20, 2017)

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Will the United States Build a Wall?

border wall

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Donald Trump, the president of the USA, wants to build a wall. He wants to build this wall on the border with Mexico. His plan is causing much anger in Mexico and the U.S.

Currently, there is only a fence on some parts of the border between the two countries. The Rio Grande River makes up about half of the border.

The wall is supposed to stop immigrants. Many people come to the U.S. without permission from Mexico. Trump wants to prevent this.

Many questions about the proposed wall are still unanswered. For example, who will pay for its construction? Trump says Mexico will pay. The President of Mexico completely rejects this idea.

The wall will be 3,100 kilometers long. That is longer than the Danube, the longest river in western Europe.

There is much criticism about Trump’s plans. Many claim that the wall will put people at risk and tear families apart.

What do you think about the wall?

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