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Settlement Reached on Monkey Selfie

A court case over a photo has finally come to an end. Many find the case interesting because a monkey took the photo. It was a . The dispute is over who has the rights to the photo: the monkey or the owner of the camera.

In 2011, a photographer was on an island in Indonesia. He was taking pictures of wildlife. A monkey pressed the button on the camera. The monkey’s name is Naruto. In the picture, the monkey looks as if he is smiling.

After that the photo went . The photographer was able to earn a lot of money from the photo. But an animal rights group says that the monkey should have the rights to the photo. There was a long legal battle. Finally, an agreement was reached; the photographer will donate a part of the money he has earned to wildlife protection.



Who should have rights to the photo?


This is a picture that you take of yourself.
This means it spread like a virus. It spread very quickly all over the internet.

This scale is based on the grade level of the text. For example, a “6.0” means the reading level of a sixth grade elementary textbook. A ’12’ is equal to the 12th grade or last year in high school, a ’13’ equals the first year in university. The grade levels correspond to the U.S. school system.

A Wave of Ransomware Attacks

A Wave of Ransomware Attacks (slow) slow
A Wave of Ransomware Attacks (fast) fast

Hundreds of thousands of Computers around the world were hijacked last week. In Great Britain the blackmailers attacked 48 hospitals. Doctors had to move or cancel operations. In Spain, a large telephone company was affected. In Germany, computers of the country’s train system were attacked. Security agencies around the world are now investigating the attacks.

The blackmailers used a virus during the attack. After becoming infected with the virus, the computers can no longer recognize data. Next a demand appears on the screen. It tells the owners of the computers to pay blackmail money to remove the virus. Only then do the computers work again.

This kind of attack is called a ransomware attack. They have been increasing rapidly over the past several years.



Have you ever been hacked?


This scale is based on the grade level of the text. For example, a “10.0” means the reading level of a tenth grade elementary textbook. A ’12’ is equal to the 12th grade or last year in high school, a ’13’ equals the first year in university. The grade levels correspond to the U.S. school system.

Using iPads to Make Learning Fun

Futaba in action

Using iPads to Make Learning Fun (slow) slow
Using iPads to Make Learning Fun (fast) fast


Paper, pencil, whiteboard, textbook. Those are the tools you need if you want to go to school. But recently, you can add another one to the list: an iPad. Because the popular Apple tablet is not only useful for searching the Internet and watching videos, but it is also being used to make learning fun.

Scientists and psychologists now know that we learn better when we are enjoying ourselves, so recently software developers have made iPad applications that look like video games, but have strong educational content. One of the best examples of this new form of teaching is Futaba, a game in which up to four children try to recognize a spinning object, and then identify what it is. The game can be used to teach English, math, foreign languages, or just about anything, and students love it. Plus teachers can even make their own questions. The important thing is that children enjoy the game, and don’t even realize how much they are learning!

So the next time you have to choose between making your child study or letting them play a game, just remember… they could do both at once!

The Kazuhito Kosaka Story

pen apple pineapple pen

How a Short YouTube Video and Justin Bieber
Changed A Life

The Kazuhito Kosaka Story slow The Kazuhito Kosaka Story fast

For more than 20 years, Kazuhito Kosaka was trying his best to make it as a Japanese comedian. He was successful enough to be in a 7-11 commercial, but he wasn’t a major star. But his life changed in just 45 seconds.

Kazuhito Kosaka’s stage name is Pikotaro, and one day he made a short and silly YouTube video called Pen, Pineapple, Apple, Pen (PPAP). But once people saw the 45-second song, they went crazy for it. One of the biggest fans of the performance was Justin Bieber, who tweeted that it was his “favorite video on the Internet.” With Justin’s support the video has gone on to get over 52 million hits! And its popularity is still growing.

Of course Justin Bieber and Pikotaro never met in person… until this January, when they filmed a commercial together for Japanese cell phone provider Softbank. Pikotaro doesn’t know if his success will continue or PPAP will turn out to be a one-hit wonder, but he’s trying to enjoy the fame as long as it lasts. And with Justin Bieber now his friend, his star could continue shining for a long time to come!

Level 85

Hater: Let’s Hate Stuff Together!


Hater slow Hater fast

icon small

Love always gets the credit for bringing couples together. And most most couples would surely agree with that. But thanks to a new dating app just released at the beginning of February, hate will also help start new romances.

Generally, dating apps match up users by mutual likes and preferences. But this new app takes a totally different approach. It brings people together based on their mutual dislikes.

The app is called Hater and was the brainchild of Brendan Alper, a former employee of Goldman Sachs. According to Alper, the idea for the app began as a joke. But soon he started thinking the concept could actually work. Taking the idea more seriously, he looked around to see if there was any research to support his concept. Eventually, he found some studies to backup his intuition.

The app is pretty simple to use. You are given a series of topics ranging from Donald Trump to airplane seats. You swipe up to love and down to hate. With this information Hater will look for potential matches in your area based on what you hate. And with a little luck, maybe you can find that special someone to spend a life griping about things with.



This scale is based on the grade level of text. For example, a “8.0” means the reading level of a eight grade elementary textbook. A ’12’ is equal to a the 12th grade or last year in high school, a ’13’ equals the first year in university. The grade levels correspond to the U.S. school system.

A Campaign to Shame Rule-Breaking Drivers

Level 65

Shaming Drivers slow Shaming Drivers fast


, a group of young people in Russia . is . The young men wait on a . At first, they . . , however, . The . The stickers .

. One woman in the video . Another . , .

The . , their video .

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A Campaign to Shame Rule-Breaking Drivers 交通違反ドライバーを恥じさせるためのキャンペーン
Recently 最近
started a campaign キャンペーンを始めった
The aim of the campaign キャンペーンの狙い
to shame drivers who do not follow traffic rules 交通規則に従わない運転手を恥じさせる
footpath 小道
to block motorists who illegally use it as a shortcut 近道に、不法に使うドライバーを阻止する
politely ask the drivers to turn back. 運転手に引き返すよう礼儀正しく頼む
Most apologize and turn around ほとんどは謝罪して、引き返す
Others 他の人たち
are less cooperative 協力的でない
youths 若者たち
stick big stickers on their windshields 大きいなステッカーを彼らのフロントガラスに張り付ける
when they do not cooperate 彼らが協力しなかったとき
are made in such a way that they don’t come off very easily 簡単にとれないように作られている
Some motorists 何人かのドライバー
react very strongly 非常に強く反応する
even threatens to murder the youths その若者たちを殺すとさえ脅迫する
continues driving with one of the young men on the hood of her car 彼女の車のボンネットに若者を乗せたまま運転を続ける
Luckily 幸いに
no one was injured in the video 動画の中で誰も負傷しなかった
movement 運動
has been quite successful とても成功している
So far 今のところ
has had over 1 million views on YouTube YouTubeで100万以上再生されている


The Ups and Downs of Blogging in the Summer

Level 90

Story written by Carrie Buchert and read by Michelle Ruben
Check out Carrie’s blog, Every Day is a Holiday!

Blogging slow Summer Blogging fast

blogging on the beach

Bloggers understand that will excite readers. , have a special kind of the summer season, :

The Ups:

1. . Most people have more free time in the summer and . on the blog.

2. . , , . .

3. . Blogging doesn’t have to be an inside activity. Enjoy the sunshine and .

The Downs:

1. . All of the ‘ups’ of summer blogging , . Although summer adventures can it also means that . Sometimes .

2. . but . .

3. , your success with summer blogging . If you really love what you do you’ll with all of your summer adventures. If not you’ll just be a little until fall, . Every blogger makes their own schedule, , and and summer is no different!

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The Ups and Downs of Blogging in the Summer 夏のブログ作成の浮き沈み
the constant pressure to deliver high quality, interesting content 質が高く、面白い内容を届けることへの、絶えず続くプレッシャー
Although keeping up with social media is a year-round activity ソーシャルメディアについていくことが一年中の活動であるのに、
bloggers ブロガー達
love-hate relationship with 〜との愛憎関係
here’s why 理由はこうである
Less Responsibility 責任がより少ない
are tied down to fewer obligations and responsibilities より少ない義務と責任に拘束されている
This opens up more time for the development of innovative ideas これにより、革新的なアイデアを開発するより多くの時間ができる
More Inspiration より多くのひらめき
Unlike winter 冬とは違って
when you’re bundled up inside あなたが家の中で暖かそうに服を着込んでいる時
summer allows you to explore the world a little bit more 夏は、もう少し世界を探険することができる
You can turn those sunny day adventures into interesting blog posts それらの天気の良い日の冒険を、面白いブログ投稿に変えることができる
Blog on the Go 出先でのブログの作成
take advantage of this beautiful season while you blog ブログの作成中、この美しい季節を利用してください
You’re Out and About 出掛けている
can also be negative 悲観的な面もある
depending on your attitude あなたの態度次第で
act as inspiration ひらめきの役割をする
you have to drag your laptop around with you あなたのノートパソコン(ラップトップ)を引きずり回さないといけない
it can feel like you’re tethered to your work 仕事に縛られていると感じる
Less Responsibility, Less Follow-through 少ない責任、少ない遂行
Having a more open schedule より余裕のあるスケジュールを持つこと
can be liberating 解放感を得ることが出来る
it may also result in laziness それは、怠惰に終わる場合もある
When you’re not in your usual routine あなたがいつもの日課で動いていない時
you can fall into the ‘I’ll do it later’ pitfall 『後でそれをする』という落し穴に落ちる可能性がある
Ultimately 最終的に
comes down to your attitude and dedication あなたの態度と献身次第である
find ways to make it work それを成功させる方法を見いだす
annoyed 悩んでいる
but chances are しかし、たぶん~であろう
it will still get done それでもなんとか済ませる
sets their own limits それぞれの制限を設ける
motivates themselves in a unique way 独特な方法で自分自身(彼ら自身)をやる気にさせる

la presión constante para ofrecer alta calidad, contenido interesante
Aunque mantenerse al día con los medios de comunicación social es una actividad de todo el año
relación de amor-odio con
he aquí por qué
Las subidas
Menos Responsabilidad
están atadas a menos obligaciones y responsabilidades
Esto abre más tiempo para el desarrollo de ideas innovadoras
más inspiración
A diferencia de invierno
cuando estás abrigado en el interior
verano te permite explorar el mundo un poco más
Puedes convertir esas aventuras de días soleados en entradas del blog interesantes
Blog sobre la marcha
toma ventaja de esta hermosa temporada mientras en tu blog
Las malas
Estás fuera de casa
también puede ser negativo
dependiendo de tu actitud
actúa como fuente de inspiración
tienes que arrastrar tu computadora portátil contigo
se puede sentir como si estuvieras atado a tu trabajo
Menos Responsabilidad, Menos Seguimiento
Tener un horario más abierto
puede ser liberador
también puede dar lugar a la pereza
Cuando no estás en tu rutina habitual
puedes caer en la trampa del “lo haré más tarde”
por último
viene tu actitud y dedicación
encuentra maneras de hacer que funcione
pero lo más probable es
aún así será hecho
establece sus propios límites
se motivan a sí mismos de una manera única

How To Protect Your Privacy On Google Maps

Step 1

Google Street View Privacy

Take the quiz to check your comprehension.

「ストリート ビュー」にあなたがぼかしたい場所を指示する
es probable que ni siquiera puedas recordar
la última vez que preguntas a alguien por direcciones
Ir del punto A al punto B
con características como las imágenes de satélite y vista de la calle de Google
puedes encontrar información sobre tu destino
antes de que salgas de la puerta
esa comodidad tiene un precio
Hay un montón de gente que se preocupa por la privacidad
no quiero que la gente al azar en el Internet esté espiando en su patio
por suerte
solución fácil
para nublar las imágenes de tu lugar
Así es como lo haces
abre Google Maps
pon tu domicilio
En ‘vista de la calle,’ navega hasta la escena que deseas que salga borrosa
presiona el botón de ‘Reportar un problema’
en la esquina inferior derecha
ve a través de las imágenes
elige las partes que deseas que salgan borrosas
no libera los datos sobre
Qué porcentaje de las solicitudes son aceptadas
pero parece que la mayoría son
soluciones similares
proveedores de mapas como Yahoo y Bing

Yamazaki Bread Truck Driver to the Rescue

Yamazaki Bread Truck Driver slow Yamazaki Bread Truck Driver fast

Yamazaki Bread Company driver handing out bread to stranded motorists

in Yamanashi Prefecture, Japan and at highway . , there was a truck driver from the Yamazaki Bread Company . The driver . to . but he to many cold and hungry motorists.

. Soon .

, . it was .

, some people are just . Sometimes and .

. After the March 11, 2011 Tohoku Earthquake, Yamazaki Bread .

English 日本語
Yamazaki Bread Truck Driver to the Rescue 山崎製パンのトラック運転手、無料でパンを配る
A recent heavy snowfall つい最近の大雪
left many motorists stranded on highways 車のドライバーが幹線道路で足止めを食らう
rest stops 〔高速道路の〕休憩施設
Fortunately for the motorists in one area ある地域に行っていたドライバーにとって幸運なことに
kind-hearted 心優しい
to help out 手助けをする
was stuck in the same blizzard (皆と)同じ猛吹雪のせいで抜け出せなかった
unable to make his deliveries 配達を終えることが出来なかった
That’s when 〜のはその時だった
he took it upon himself 自ら志して
to hand out the bread in his truck トラックのパンを配る
the people who were stranded in his vicinity 近くに足止めを食らった人々
By the end heonly had an empty truck 最後は空になったトラックしかなかった
was able to provide a much-needed meal 本当に必要な食事を提供することが出来た
One of those grateful recipients ありがたく(パンを)受け取った人の一人
posted some photos of the driver passing out bread along with some words of thanks on Twitter ツイッター上にトラック運転手がパンを配っている写真と感謝のメッセージを投稿した
the tweet went viral ツイートが急速に広まった       ツイート◆Twitterに投稿されたメッセージ
with many people praising the driver’s good deed たくさんの人がトラック運転手の善行をたたえて
Believe it or not 信じがたいかもしれないが
there were some negative comments too いくつかの否定的なコメントもあった
Some claimed 〜と主張する人もいた
a ploy by the company to polish its image 会社のイメージを良くする作戦
In my opinion 私の意見では
too cynical あまりにひねくれた
a good deed is a just good deed 善行はただ善行である
we should leave it at that そのままにしておくべきだ
This is not the first time for the company to be in the news for helping out その会社が手助けをすることで話題になったのは今回が初めてではない
was one of the first companies on the scene 現場にいち早く駆けつけた会社のうちの一つ
delivering free food to people in need 無料の食料を困っていた人に配る
ツイートが急速に広まった (ツイート◆Twitterに投稿されたメッセージ)
無料の食料を困っていた人に配る Fashion Bloggers Inspire the Fashion World

lookbook_nu slow fast

Do you like fashion? ? Would you like to ? At their everyday looks to share with an .

The website by San Franciscan, Yuri Lee, in 2008. She was interested in creating . and is of . The website and .

. Members post their own looks, , and or “” their favorite looks. The looks with most “Hypes” . The site has even created a few .

Find at!

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English 日本語 Fashion Bloggers Inspire the Fashion World ファッションブロガーがファッション界に刺激を与える
Are you proud of your look 自分のファッションセンスに誇りをもっていますか
share your fashion with people from around the world 世界中の人達と自分のファッションを共有する
fashion bloggers ファッションブロガー (ブロガー◆インターネット上でブログを公開している人のこと)
post 掲示する
online community of other fashion-minded individuals 他のファッション志向の人のオンライン・コミュニティ
was co-created 共同制作された
a website where people could post their own street fashion 人々が独自のストリートファッションを掲示できるサイト
is representative of global youth culture 世界的な若者文化を代表する
part of a larger movement もっと大きな運動の一部
ordinary people setting fashion trends ファッションの流行を決める一般人
rather than big name brands 有名ブランドというよりむしろ
has since grown to over 50,000 members 50,000メンバー以上になってきた
has become influential in the fashion world ファッション界で影響力をもつようになった
Anyone can sign up 誰でも登録する事が出来る
browse 閲覧する
looks posted by others 他の人たちによって掲示されるファッションスタイル
vote for 〜に投票をする
Hype 活を入れる
get exposure on the front page (ホームページの)トップページで取り上げられる
fashion blogger superstars ファッションブロガーのスーパースターたち
looks to inspire you あなたを引き出すルックス(ファッションスタイル)


ファッションブロガー (ブロガー◆インターネット上でブログを公開している人のこと)