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A Wave of Ransomware Attacks

A Wave of Ransomware Attacks (slow) slow
A Wave of Ransomware Attacks (fast) fast

Hundreds of thousands of Computers around the world were hijacked last week. In Great Britain the blackmailers attacked 48 hospitals. Doctors had to move or cancel operations. In Spain, a large telephone company was affected. In Germany, computers of the country’s train system were attacked. Security agencies around the world are now investigating the attacks.

The blackmailers used a virus during the attack. After becoming infected with the virus, the computers can no longer recognize data. Next a demand appears on the screen. It tells the owners of the computers to pay blackmail money to remove the virus. Only then do the computers work again.

This kind of attack is called a ransomware attack. They have been increasing rapidly over the past several years.



Have you ever been hacked?


This scale is based on the grade level of the text. For example, a “10.0” means the reading level of a tenth grade elementary textbook. A ’12’ is equal to the 12th grade or last year in high school, a ’13’ equals the first year in university. The grade levels correspond to the U.S. school system.

Using iPads to Make Learning Fun

Futaba in action

Using iPads to Make Learning Fun (slow) slow
Using iPads to Make Learning Fun (fast) fast


Paper, pencil, whiteboard, textbook. Those are the tools you need if you want to go to school. But recently, you can add another one to the list: an iPad. Because the popular Apple tablet is not only useful for searching the Internet and watching videos, but it is also being used to make learning fun.

Scientists and psychologists now know that we learn better when we are enjoying ourselves, so recently software developers have made iPad applications that look like video games, but have strong educational content. One of the best examples of this new form of teaching is Futaba, a game in which up to four children try to recognize a spinning object, and then identify what it is. The game can be used to teach English, math, foreign languages, or just about anything, and students love it. Plus teachers can even make their own questions. The important thing is that children enjoy the game, and don’t even realize how much they are learning!

So the next time you have to choose between making your child study or letting them play a game, just remember… they could do both at once!

Hater: Let’s Hate Stuff Together!


Hater slow Hater fast

icon small

Love always gets the credit for bringing couples together. And most most couples would surely agree with that. But thanks to a new dating app just released at the beginning of February, hate will also help start new romances.

Generally, dating apps match up users by mutual likes and preferences. But this new app takes a totally different approach. It brings people together based on their mutual dislikes.

The app is called Hater and was the brainchild of Brendan Alper, a former employee of Goldman Sachs. According to Alper, the idea for the app began as a joke. But soon he started thinking the concept could actually work. Taking the idea more seriously, he looked around to see if there was any research to support his concept. Eventually, he found some studies to backup his intuition.

The app is pretty simple to use. You are given a series of topics ranging from Donald Trump to airplane seats. You swipe up to love and down to hate. With this information Hater will look for potential matches in your area based on what you hate. And with a little luck, maybe you can find that special someone to spend a life griping about things with.



This scale is based on the grade level of text. For example, a “8.0” means the reading level of a eight grade elementary textbook. A ’12’ is equal to a the 12th grade or last year in high school, a ’13’ equals the first year in university. The grade levels correspond to the U.S. school system.

Tablet Computers

Level 55

Tablet Computers slow Tablet Computers fast

Step 1

Tablet Computers

Listening Quiz for “Tablet Computers”

son muy populares hoy en día
Podemos llevarlos a todas partes
porque son pequeños y ligeros
son más cómodos que los ordenadores portátiles
porque arrancan muy rápido
usan menos energía
las baterías duran más
por lo que podemos usarlos todo el día sin recargar
Algunas escuelas los usan ahora en lugar de los libros de texto
Los estudiantes pueden guardar todos sus libros de texto en una tablet
También pueden guardar sus notas en ellos

How To Protect Your Privacy On Google Maps

Step 1

Google Street View Privacy

Take the quiz to check your comprehension.

「ストリート ビュー」にあなたがぼかしたい場所を指示する
es probable que ni siquiera puedas recordar
la última vez que preguntas a alguien por direcciones
Ir del punto A al punto B
con características como las imágenes de satélite y vista de la calle de Google
puedes encontrar información sobre tu destino
antes de que salgas de la puerta
esa comodidad tiene un precio
Hay un montón de gente que se preocupa por la privacidad
no quiero que la gente al azar en el Internet esté espiando en su patio
por suerte
solución fácil
para nublar las imágenes de tu lugar
Así es como lo haces
abre Google Maps
pon tu domicilio
En ‘vista de la calle,’ navega hasta la escena que deseas que salga borrosa
presiona el botón de ‘Reportar un problema’
en la esquina inferior derecha
ve a través de las imágenes
elige las partes que deseas que salgan borrosas
no libera los datos sobre
Qué porcentaje de las solicitudes son aceptadas
pero parece que la mayoría son
soluciones similares
proveedores de mapas como Yahoo y Bing

Six Easy Tech Tips to Help You Save Time

tech tips

Six Tech Tips slow Six Tech Tips fast

Here are some cool .

, and , you and . , you . . Just .

Also on the web, , don’t use your mouse. . Each time you hit the space bar, . hit the space bar .

. . .

, . It is a dictionary too. and . How’s the weather in Seattle? Type in “Seattle weather” to get a full weather report. ? Type in the airline name and flight number. It will give you all the information you need.

These are just of a few of Google’s .

English 日本語
Six Easy Tech Tips to Help You Save Time 6つの時間節約テクノロジーのヒント 
tech テクノロジーの tech = technology
tips to help you save time 時間を節約するためのヒント
First of all まず 
when you are on a website ウェブサイトを見ていて
the text is too small 文字が小さすぎる
hold down the control key Control キーを押したまま
hit the plus key プラス( + )キーを押す
With each tap 押すごとに
make the text larger 文字が大きくなります
You can do this on every computer and every web browser あらゆる種類のコンピュータやブラウザでも同じである
hit the minus key マイナス( – )キーを押す
to make text smaller 文字を小さくするに
when you want to scroll down 画面を下にスクロールしたい時
Hit the space bar instead 代わりにスペースキーを押す
you scroll down one page 1 ページ分スクロールする
To scroll up 上にスクロールするに
while holding down the shift key シフトを押しながら
When you are typing on your Android or iPhone AndroidやiPhoneで文字をタイプするときに
you no longer need to need switch to the punctuation layout to get the period ピリオドを入力して次の文字を大文字にするのに 記号入力に切り替える必要もない
Simply hit the space bar twice スペースキーを二回押せばいい
It puts in the period, the space, and the capital for you (携帯)がピリオドとその後のスペースと 大文字を入力してくれる
Finally 最後に
Google is not just for looking up webpages Google はウェブサイトを 検索するもだけではなく
Type the word ‘define’ after the word you want to know 「define」の後に意味を知りたい言葉をタイプする
the definition appears 言葉(単語)の定義が現れる
Need to know about a flight (飛行機の)便に関する詳細を知る必要がある時
tricks こつ
テクノロジーの tech = technology
Control キーを押したまま
プラス( + )キーを押す
マイナス( – )キーを押す
1 ページ分スクロールする
ピリオドを入力して次の文字を大文字にするのに 記号入力に切り替える必要もない
(携帯)がピリオドとその後のスペースと 大文字を入力してくれる
Google はウェブサイトを 検索するもだけではなく

Stop Keeping Your Laptop Plugged In!

Better Battery Life SLOW
Better Battery Life FAST

80 percent battery

, you when you are near a . ( you shouldn’t be doing that. They it when it gets to an and waiting until you get to 40% . This 80 to 40 is and it can increase the life of your battery . that the price of a new battery , you .

Why the big differences in ? It’s stress on the battery. , . more stress on the battery.

for your battery is . . For example, where it . Also, .

, I wonder ?

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English 日本語
Stop Keeping Your Laptop Plugged In! (あなたの)ラップトップをプラグに差し込んだままにしておくのは止めよう
If you are like most people もし、あなたが殆どの人々と同じならば
leave your laptop plugged in ラップトップをプラグに差し込んだままにする
plug (コードの)プラグ
But according to the battery experts at Cadex Electronics Cadex Electronicsのバッテリー専門家によると
suggest 勧める
unplugging プラグを抜く
80% charge 80%充電
to charge it again (それを)もう一度充電する
the magic range 魔法の範囲
by as much as four times 4倍以上も
When you consider あなたが考慮すると
can cost over 200 dollars 200ドル以上(の費用が)かかることがある
can save a lot of money 沢山のお金を節約出来る
battery life 電池(バッテリー)の寿命
The higher the percentage of the charge 充電の割合が高ければ高いほど
the higher the voltage level 電圧レベルがより高い
Storing more voltage より多くの電圧を蓄えること
causes 原因
Another source of stress ストレスのもう一つの源
to be avoided 避けるべきもの
Be sure to keep your laptop cool ラップトップを出来るだけ涼しく保つよう気をつける
don’t keep it on your lap ひざの上に置かないようにしなさい
tends to get hot 熱くなる傾向がある
keep the lid open 蓋を開いておく
as much as possible 出来るだけ
Frankly, 正直に言うと
why computer makers can’t add such a feature to laptops なぜコンピューターメーカーは、そのような特性をラップトップに加える事が出来ないのか
Cadex Electronicsのバッテリー専門家によると