Fire in London High-Rise

Fire in London High-Rise
Fire in London High-Rise

At 1:15 am, on June 14, a high-rise apartment building in London caught fire. Witnesses reported people being trapped in their apartments yelling for help. Over 200 firefighters were sent to put out the fire. The firefighters rescued people at the 27-storey building. But sadly, many people could not be saved.

Firefighters tried to control the fire on the higher floors but it burned out of control. Officials think there could have been up to 600 people in the building. People living in nearby buildings were evacuated. The reason for the fire was not known but many who escaped said the fire alarm had not been set off by the fire.

Tragically, more than 50 people have died and the death toll is expected to rise. Over 70 people were taken to six hospitals across London. A crowdfunding website has been set up to help the victims at



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  1. Anonymous says:

    I played with fire when I was young.
    Maybe children must not play with fire,
    but I think they should have the chance to play with fire safety.
    As you know or not, the fire upside is not dangerous than.
    Because fire goes UP.
    If there is a fire downside, that will go up to burn fastly.
    That will be a crazy danger.
    That works as same as the building.
    So, we have to watch out about any fire even a small one.

  2. Bertha Granados says:

    May they rest in peace.

  3. Nguyen Thi Kim Chi says:

    You shouln’ t play around with the fire

  4. storm ngo says:

    We are very sad for what happened. From Vietnam, we send our love to the families of the people who were hurt or killed in the fire.

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