Mount Etna Erupts

Mount Etna Erupts (slow) slow
Mount Etna Erupts (fast) fast

Mount Etna is a volcano located in southern Italy. It is on the island of Sicily. Now, Mount Etna is spewing out red hot rocks and ash. However, experts say that there is no danger for people.

Mount Etna has often erupted in the past. The last eruption was in 2014. Even now a stream of molten rock is flowing down the mountain. This is called a lava flow. The volcano is also spewing out clouds of dust. Scientists say that these clouds are not so bad this time.

Experts say, people do not need to be afraid. Even for those who live close by there is no immediate danger.

No one is sure how long the volcanic eruption will last. Sometimes it is over after a few days.

Mt. Etna is the second most active volcano on earth. Only Hawaii’s Kilauea is more active.


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  1. Adam says:

    Some new vocabulary is necessary in this topic:
    .spewing out: how to the volcano active.
    .ash : it will be pronounced like ‘ass’ but with lightly pronounced
    .erupt: the same :meaning with ‘spewing out’
    .stream of molten: something is too heat and become a stream.
    . lava flow: when it become a stream it will be called : lava stream.
    .clouds of dust: when a volcano active it have a lots ash on air, it’s called : clouds of dust.
    .experts: some people have good knowledge about science.

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    You could use your smartphone to record your voice while you listen with a computer or other device.

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